Wednesday, December 7, 2011

BeepUs For Blackberry Free

BeepUs is Push To Talk App for blackberry integrated with Blackberry Messenger 6.

With BeepUs, you can use Blackberry as walkietalkie. BeepUs allows you to talk at once connected with BlackBerry Messenger for free. When connected to a contact, you can chat on blackberry messenger and send voice notes. All voice notes can be played via push to talk.
BeepUs Blackberry Push To Talk App features :
- Main Screen: Manage connections (moderated or not), invite friends to download BeepUs and display your contacts that have the application previously installed.
- Connection Screen: Invite a contact and wait for acceptance. Use convenience keys or space bar to talk or click in the smile icon to have a bbm style chat.
- Voices : Listen the voices any time on Voices Screen, you can save your entire conversation like a unique voice note.
- After installing the new version of BeepUs, please restart your device.
BeepUs for blackberry .jad
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