Sunday, December 11, 2011

How to install SHADOWGUN on your Android phones

Finally, an incredible console like gaming experience for my Galaxy Tab 10.1!

Installing SHADOWGUN from the Market :- go to the market and download thats so easyInstalling SHADOWGUN apk from SD card :1 - First you have to download SHADOWGUN apk file and put it somewhere on your PC where you can find it easily.2 - Connect your phone to your computer using the USB connector.3 - Drag the file. APK you have stored on your computer to the phone’s SD card. Again, put it somewhere where you can find it later.4 - Open a file browser such as Winzip, FileBro or File Manager (you can find any of these file browsers in the Android Market).5 - Search APK file that you put on your SD card, click it and then press Install.6 - Read permissions and install application.How to install SHADOWGUN apk from Dropbox :1 - Get Dropbox (is a free online storage that you can use on your PC and phone). Go to, get an account and install the program on your computer.2 - Also download Dropbox application to your phone through the Market .
Next, configure the newly created account.3 - Now you have a special Dropbox folder on your computer in which everything in it, will also be synchronized with your phone.4 - Then just download APK files and put it into the Dropbox folder. Then you open it on your phone through the application.5 - Read permissions and install application.Installing SHADOWGUN apk directly from Android phone :Before you make sure your phone has enabled the “3rd party apps” To check this, go to: Settings> Applications> unknown sources. As we saw previously installed applications from the PC, these “unknown sources” are simply applications that come from another source that is not the Android Market.1 - Download SHADOWGUN directly from a mirror site.2 - Read permissions and install the applicationAs you can see the methods are very simple. You can use any of them either according to your preference, they all work
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