Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Download Shine Runner apk v1.0.1 for Android

Shine Runner apk version 1.0.1 for Android

Let's get one thing straight, this is not a big game, and it will not blow your mind. But there is one thing this game does truly well, it is in keeping with the hardware in question and it keeps everything really simple. With no complex controls it is ideally suited to a touch screen interface. One thing is odd though, it is really two games in one just loosely coupled together. On the one hand you have a classic arcade racer, and on the other a trading game like Drugwars, albeit, incredibly simplified. Also take note, you will need a truly fast phone to get it to have a decent frame rate without lowering the resolution considerably.

It doesn't spoil the fun, but it leaves the game looking more PS1 than an HD wonder. over all it's a Great alternative to the drug lord games. I would make it more challenging though, since there's only a limited amount of "race tracks" which would make it a five stats game. Like:

1. Money you find shouldn't get so high. It makes it too easy to buy anything you want.
2. When you hit the police, they should make a random bust and tell you. If you have none they take zero, if not they take all you have in that particular object you have.
3. When you hit a boat, they steal a random amount of money and/or object from you.
4. When you get back to the first run, it can be considered your home place and from there you can:
a) buy upgrades for your boat to add more cargo.
b) put/take money (from) under your pillow (instead of a bank). Money there is safe and can't be stolen.
Download Shine Runner apk
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