Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Fake Call &Text SMS & Call Log Apk For Android Phones

Fake Call &Text SMS & Call Log apk version: 3.7.77 for Android


Fake Call Me rescues you from awkward situation like boring meeting, conversation, dates.
☆ Spoof, prank, get an excuse to get out of any situation.
☆ Fake incoming call, outgoing call, missed call.
☆ Specify caller name & number.
☆ Customize incoming fake calls's ringtone & vibration setting.
☆ Schedule a fake call at a specific time.
☆ Use this app as an alarm as you can use fake-call yourself with your desired ringtone at the desired time.
☆ shortcut to trigger a fake call(via guesture on home screen).
☆ choose a contact from phone's contacts, so the contact's photo and ringtone are used for the fake-call.
☆ Can't play audio after a fake call is answered.
☆ add fake calls to phone's call log (if you want).
☆ schedule multiple fake calls.
☆ Can't support fake a call by turning the device screen on/off.
☆ Can't support using Proximity Sensor (Fake Call Shaker).
☆ Can't support shortcut to one-click fake.
☆ Very easy to pick a contact from contact book, group contacts or recent contacts.
Fake Call &Text SMS & Call Log
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